Rainbird 12H 12′ Half Circle Pattern Nozzle




Rainbird 12H 12′ Half Circle Pattern Nozzle (180 Degree)

Trusted for decades, rain bird mpr nozzles are installed by more contractors than all other brands combined. Mpr nozzles simplify the design process by allowing sprinklers with various arcs & radii to be mixed on the same circuit while maintaining even water distribution rates. They fit all rain bird spray heads & shrub adapters.


  • Matched precipitation rates across sets and across patterns in 5 series, 8 series, 10 series, 12 series, and 15 series
  • 15 series nozzles meet small-area shrub or turf requirements.
  • 18 series nozzles have a lower water flow which allows more spray heads per zone.
  • 1810 series white filter (.035″ x 035″) screens (shipped with nozzles) maintain precise radius adjustment and prevent clogging.
  • Stainless steel adjustment screw to adjust flow and radius.


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