No matter how big or small.

Our professional and experienced irrigation experts can ensure that every inch of your lawn will be effectively Irrigated.

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  1. Compact: Get all the benefits of
    a rotor in a spray-sized package
  2. Short Radius: Get close-in rotor
    coverage with a 4.3 m minimum radius
  3. Reliable: The PGJ is engineered
    to take on harsh conditions for years
    on end.
    #Download full spec sheet

Wireless Rain-Clik

The first reliable wireless rain sensor provides
fast installation on any system. If the thought of running wires from a controller has kept you from adding rain sensors to your systems,now there’s a hassle-free alternative. The Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik™ attaches quickly and easily.
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X-CORE residential controller

  1. Smart: Save water and money by
    plugging in a Solar Sync weather sensor
  2. Versatile: Up to 8 stations with
    3 programs and 4 start times each
  3. Reliable: Run times are retained
    even in the event of a power los
    #Download full spec sheet

We Stand for quality.

At Rainbow Irrigation we have the best experience to advise you whether a computerised or a manual system will best serve your purpose. All factors are considered such as size, budget, water supply, type of foliage and many more.

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