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Irrigation Installations

Still using your outdated hosepipe to water your garden?

Rainbow Irrigation (PTY) Ltd provides the latest technology in precision watering to all of your landscape needs.  With the new Wi-Fi technology at our finger tips to operate your irrigation system form anywhere in the world.

Away with the old school rain sensors and moisture sensors and hello to the weather station and flow sensors.  Saving you up to 55% on your normal irrigation cycle. Rainbow Irrigation (PTY) Ltd however customise each and every award winning irrigation system to suite the client’s needs.

Top Sellers

  • Hunter pgv 25mm diaphragm

  • Maxi-Paw Wrench Tool

  • Dragline Hose Pipe 25mm x 50m Roll

  • Dragline Hose Pipe 20mm x 50m Roll

  • Dragline Hose Pipe 25mm x 30m Roll


We Stand for quality.

At Rainbow Irrigation we have the best experience to advise you whether a computerised or a manual system will best serve your purpose. All factors are considered such as size, budget, water supply, type of foliage and many more.

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