Hunter I-90 36VB with Check Valve BSP 11/2″


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The I-90 is Hunter’s longest distance rotary sprinkler specifically designed for natural turf, parks, sports fields, and public areas. With a radius up to 30.8 m from a single sprinkler, the I-90 boasts a coverage area no other commercial sprinkler can deliver. Yet, its reduced-size diameter and cushioned rubber cover make it the perfect choice for parks and wide-open lawn areas, as well as perimeter watering of athletic fields and horse arenas. The rotor is also easy to service, with a “jar-top” body cap that allows quick access to the filter screen and check valve with no extra pieces, parts, or tools required. The I-90 is offered in two models: a full-circle opposing-nozzle version or an adjustable arc model, each with color-coded nozzles that can be field-changed to match the specific needs of any large site.

  • PressurePort™ technology, forward-facing triple nozzles (I-90), opposing triple nozzles (I-90-ON) create exceptional nozzle uniformity in part- and full-circle applications
  • Part- and full-circle in one model provides flexible installation options and reduces inventory (I-90)
  • Drain check valve prevents low-head drainage (up to 2 m of elevation)


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