Hunter Mini-Weather Station


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Hunter Mini-Weather Station

Ensuring efficient irrigation means being prepared for changing weather. The Hunter Mini-Weather Station helps system operators be as prepared as possible by combining each of Hunter’s three different sensor devices in a single convenient unit. The Mini-Clik rain sensor shuts down irrigation in a storm and keeps the system off, automatically compensating for the amount of rainfall that occurred. The Freeze-Clik prevents system activation by automatically stopping the flow of water when outdoor temperatures drop near freezing. The Wind-Clik shuts off systems during periods of high wind and automatically resets the system when conditions are more favorable. Attaching to the controller with just two wires, the Mini-Weather Station is easy to install and ready to go to work, ensuring efficient watering even during drastic weather changes.


  • Compact sensor that monitors wind, rain, freezing temperatures, and shuts the irrigation system off as weather conditions require
  • Installs easily on automatic irrigation systems
  • Set wind speed shutdown from 12 to 35 mph
  • Set rain shutdown from 1⁄8″ to 1″ of rainfall
  • Automatically shuts off system when temperatures fall below 37° F


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