Rain Bird 8005 pop-up


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Rain Bird 8005 pop-up

Pop-up Sprinkler – Long Range 8005 Rotor – Covers now a Wider Radius Range !

Now covers a wider radius range (from 12 m to 24,7 m)
Greener grass with less water – Rain Curtain™ nozzles deliver superior uniformity
Save time and replacement costs with this vandal and abuse resistant rotor

  • Rain Curtain™ nozzle technology
  • – Rain Curtain™ nozzles for optimal distribution and close-in watering resulting in superior uniformity
    – Nozzles are interchangeable from the front with no special tools
  • Vandal and abuse resistance
  • – Anti-Vandal protection: the arc setting returns to its original setting after tampering from vandals (Memory Arc®).
    – Non-strippable drive mechanism prevents damage from vandals and equipment
    – Brass reinforced nozzle turret to riser connection withstands side impact damage
    – Optional stainless steel riser model helps deter vandalism on public turf areas
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • – Left and right side trips are independently adjustable for ease of installation without turning the case and loosening the pipe connection
    – Easy, wet, dry arc adjustment with only a slotted screwdriver through top of rotor from 50° to 330° part-circle, 360° nonreversing full circle
    – Self-adjusting stator allows nozzle replacement with no other adjustments required
  • Design Solutions & Safety
  • – Standard Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) check device/riser to help prevent low head drainage
    – Standard black rubber cover
    – Small exposed diameter reduces possibility of injury on play areas
    – Optional rubber Sod Cup for player safety on sports field applications


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